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It probably started in Ireland a lot of years ago, and spread itself to Scotland, US and other English speaking countries. In Denmark we also have an “all saints day” (which go on almost unnoticed) and a carnival “Shrovetide” (or in Danish: Fastelavn), with children going trick-or-treat. In Denmark the Halloween is just something shops “celebrate” to promote business.


Golden year


If you want a calendar little over the usual, you should go to Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry in Tokyos Ginza district, and purchase one in solid gold.

The price may seem a little steep:
1 350 000 DKK / 257 000 USD / 292 000 AUD / 181 000 EUR.


Few days ago, someone recommended me a program to make easy photo albums on the web: BananAlbum.
It really was easy – and I used it on some of my photos from China.
If you want to, you can see them here. But be aware that it may take some time if you have a slow internet connection!


On TV, Experts are always ready to make a clever comment on the subjects they know a lot about. But where do they come from? And how did they become Experts?
I believe Experts are living among us, looking like ordinary (boring) people. Then suddenly, when they hear a conversation between two really ordinary people (R.O.P), about a subject they know a lot about, they use their special Expert-power to tell the truth about that subject to the R.O.P.
The title “Expert” is handed to them by journalists or R.O.P. – or: by themselves (being an Expert entitles them to reword themselves the title).
Before my trip to China, I used the knowledge from the all-knowing Experts to tell me what I would get to see in China. Often they told me that, without me asking first – because it is very difficult to spot a China-Expert in a group of R.O.P.
After my little China-trip, I’ve got the feeling, that maybe the Experts were just R.O.P. trying to sound like Experts? Most of the Experts had not been to China themselves – and the picture they painted of China didn’t look much like the China I got to see.
With Experts looking so much like R.O.P. – then how can you tell the difference? Maybe there are no real Experts – only real R.O.P. out there? And maybe the Experts on TV are just R.O.P. playing Experts?

Home Base photo #4

I had planned to take a photo of the same place – near the place I live – several times over the year. But it turned out to be a less clever idea. After I had shrunk the photo to fit this site, there wasn’t much difference between spring, summer and autumn: green fields and some houses in the distance.
So here is probably the last photo of the same motif. The earlier ones can be found here and here.

Unless you really don’t want to see any more of my photos, I’ll most likely continue showing you some, but taken other places. 🙂

A word of liberty and safety

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

From “An Historical Review of the Constitution and Government of Pennsylvania” (1759), attributed to Benjamin Franklin. [Source]