Monthly Archives: November 2007

No more 403!

Up until now, you may have noticed an error message “403 Forbidden” when visiting this blog, or making comments. I thought the problem was gone, because I couldn’t reproduce the error myself. But then I made a comment to one of my blog posts from my computer at work, and there it was:


I looked all over the internet, upgraded the blog-software, asked the web hosting company and the dude who had recommended me this blog-software in the first place. No luck. Then I tried to figure it out myself – which is not that easy, because I’m stupid. That did the trick! I stopped the programme Bad Behaviour that was meant to protect my blog from evil spammers. It seems like the program may have been a little too protective, because after removing it, the 403 error vanished.
I still don’t know why it happened, or how many of you visitors who have encountered the error message. But I hope it is gone for good. 🙂