Monthly Archives: February 2007

One more snow picture

Yesterday I couldn’t drive to work. My car couldn’t make it through the snow, and the only public transportation was a bus in the ditch just outside town.
This photo is taken today, with roads once again possible to drive on – with a little care.


This weekend, the snow turns to water.



Today the winter came back, and with it a lot of snow. It looked kind of nice – through the window, but driving through it to work wasn’t exactly a pleasure!
I saw several cars parked along the way. Not because the drivers wanted to park there, but because they lacked the ability to follow the road.


– I don’t worry anymore! I hired a professional worrier for 2000 dollars a month!
– How can you afford that?
– I don’t know. That’s his problem!


The rest of the story

Thankfully, no one has asked me, what the rest of my life will be like.
Else I might have to tell them, that it will probably be work, work and work (oh, did I mention work?) for a lot of years.
If I’m still alive by then, I’ll retire and suddenly get some of the money back that I have paid each month for so long.
 … And then I die!
  Bloody marvelous!

(Sorry – Perhaps I’m just in a bad mood today)

Home Base photo #3

I went by this place today – on a cold Saturday.

Home Base photo #3

I suddenly came to think, that it looks like an illustration from ‘The Wind in the Willows’. The trees probably aren’t willows (I’m not sure, what they are), and it was in another era I’ve came across that story, so I may remember it all wrong.

 “You remember it in great detail, and you remember it all wrong.
 All the distances are different, and the landmarks seem to have moved about.”

  (George Orwell, “Coming Up For Air”)