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2018 in retrospect

The best things in life aren’t things. (Quote: Art Buchwald)

If you follow my blog, you might think 2018 was an uneventful year.
You would be wrong, but that is all because I have been lazy updating this site.
Let me try to bring you up to date. 🙂

At New Year, a year ago, I went to a small party. Four people: An old friend, her boyfriend, a female friend to my old friend – and of course me. It was all nice and cozy.

In January, I started at my new job. I was well received, and at least at the time of writing, it has been a good change.

February and March were pretty uneventful. I tried to sum it up with this Ben Stein quote:
“The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want”.

April was almost uneventful too, except for my old friend (with whom I had celebrated New Year) inviting me out to dinner, with the company of the woman I met at the New Year party.
It was nicer than an ordinary dinner normally is, and I ended up inviting the woman out some days later.

In the warmest summer in Denmark for as long as anyone could remember, we started to see more and more to each other – and at some point, we became a couple.

It went very fast from there. It all seemed right. We both had very warm and fuzzy feelings for each other. Our families liked the newcomer. We had the same taste in humor, traveling and most other tings – and the things we did not have in common were really not that important (and still aren’t).

We soon decided to take a trip to Belgium, to visit the cities Bruges and Brussels. In Bruges, one of the most romantic cities in Europe, I fell on my knee and proposed to her. She said Yes. 🙂

Another significant experience in 2018 was my grandmothers (on my mother’s side) 102th birthday in October! 102 years and still going strong.

My father, on the other hand, was not going strong. He passed away that same October. 🙁

After having buried my father, I went on a short trip to Prague with my fiancé. It was fantastic and once again it turned out that we are good at traveling together.

2018 has been a very eventful year. Except for my father passing away, it has been one of the most fantastic years (possible The Most Fantastic) in my life – so far. I hope for a new fantastic year to come.

Happy New Year to all who read this!
With the hope that 2019 will be fantastic!