Monthly Archives: January 2009


A quiet start to the new year.

I can feel that it requires more than just inspiration to run a blog. I will also have to be in the right mood – and that has lagged a bit in January. Hopefully it will be better.

iF yoU (C)seeK …

I have heard about people who have been quite outraged over the song “If You Seek Amy” by Britney. Possibly not because of the text, but because of the title, that – when you say it – may be offensive to the very delicate souls.

This applies only to the delicate souls who are in possession of a derailed thinking. Nobody else would discover that the innocent text may sound as if you spell out something else.

It goes without saying that the only people that are outraged are people who love to be outraged. To all you outraged people out there, let me just say F… you – and to everyone else: F— Me! 😛