Monthly Archives: December 2005

The Purpose of Life

Well, let’s see. You get born. You goof around and have fun (most of the time) the first years of your life. Then you go to school for at lot of years, so you can get a job someday. Then you get a job (or you don’t, and spend your time thinking about getting a job). If you get a job, chances are, you don’t work for yourself, but for some bloke, who only pay you the least possible amount (why should he pay you more than he need?). In exchange for this salary, you spend a great part of your time, doing what your employer wants you to do – instead of doing what you want to do yourself. The rest of the time, you spend your earned money buying food, and pay for a house you only use to sleep in, before you spend yet another day at work. After a lot of years, you retire, and try to live of the small amount you have been able to save and whatever help you’re entitled to receive. After some (hopefully: many) years that way, you die.

I think most people spend their life that way (I’m doing that right now). But I also think that if there is a purpose in life, the story above isn’t it.

I’m sorry, if you thought I had the answer to the big question – but I don’t. If you know the answer, then please send me a mail or write it in a comment here.

In the meantime I’ll go to work and try to earn enough money to pay for food, shelter and tax. But I hope that’s not my purpose in life. 😉

Do they know it’s …

What is happening? Everywhere I run into food and candy. All over I hear people talk about religion and human kindness, without practising any of it themselves. Some people seem to be extremely joyful – making it hard for the rest of us not to be in at better mood.
Oh, wait a minute – it must be Christmas! Yes, that’s it!
You might not have the same feelings bout Xmas. You might even be part of a religion, not celebrating this event. But if you promise to be nice to other people anyway, I’ll try to behave well on your days of celebration too.

Sankta Lucia

Saint Lucy
(or Santa Lucia or Sankta Lucia)

Sul mare luccica
L’astro d’argento
Placida e’ l’onda
Prospero e’ il vento

Venite all’agile
Barchetta mia
Santa Lucia
Santa Lucia…