Monthly Archives: November 2006

Must – Kill – Spammer!

I am what you might call a peace loving person. I really hate conflicts of any kind. I’m also pretty harmless. I even try not to step on ugly bugs (some day, someone might see me as an ugly bug, but hopefully also avoid stepping on me).
But spammers! I think I wouldn’t mind killing all spammers, if I had the change! And their families, just to be sure to wipe out the genetic code for spammers.
After that I would dance a Scottish Ceilidh on there graves. I would of course have to learn how to dance the Ceilidh, but that would be a small price to pay!
Just because a few people have an extraordinary desire to sell medicine and access to card games, the rest of us spend a lot of time and money to clean up our mailboxes and blogs.

Buy nothing

On the 24th of November in USA and Canada, and the 25th of November in Europe and large parts of the rest of the world, it’s Buy Nothing Day! An event you can be part of, by doing absolutely nothing! 😉 As the say at “Buy Nothing Day Denmark“: Buy Nothing Day is the day where the consumers can stop to think about their daily over consumption. Do we really need all the stuff we buy?

A cold wind from north

For a couple of days, we experienced a very cold and quite strong wind from north. Within few hours, we went from fall to winter. Even for a Dane, who are used to cold weather, it did come as a bit of a surprise this time! Wind directly from north is not that common in Denmark. And because of its strength, it caused flooding in some part of the country.
Now the wind has turned a bit, and has weakened a lot, so the temperature is rising again. Also the flooded areas are soon to be dry again, hopefully without too much damage.