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2011 in retrospect

Yet another year has gone and as earlier years I will try to think back, with the assistance of this blog.

It is easy to say, that not much happened in 2011 – at least not to me.

I did not write so many blog posts. Not necessarily because I did not have anything to write about. I just did not write much. Okay – I really did not have much to write about.

2011 started with lots and lots of snow in Denmark. And it went on for months. We usually get snow in wintertime, but nothing like we saw in 2010 and 2011. At the time I am writing these words, it is winter again in Denmark, but until now, we almost haven’t seen any snow. That is a bit odd too.

For some time now, I have tried to make myself more the person I would like to be; tried to get rid of some of my worrying nature and to feel more ‘in sync’ with the world surrounding me. Some of that has been a bit of a success; other is still work in progress.

In February I helped one of my friends move to another apartment, but other than that, nothing really happened.

We did however have some stunning morning skies.

March and April could have been more special. Together with a good friend, I had planned to travel to Japan. The plan was to see some of the most fantastic parts of Japan. But few days before our planned trip, Japan was struck by a very large earthquake, leading to a massive tsunami, smashing parts of the country – including a nuclear plant. Since this disaster struck parts of our planned destinations, we had to cancel our trip. Instead we went to USA, where we rented a car and saw some of the states between D.C. and New Orleans.

May – June – July … what can I say? I did not have anything to write about then, and I still do not have anything to write. But then came October … … and still nothing to write about.

I had planned a vacation in late October, early September. Or at least I had planned the time for a vacation. But I could not get things to work my way, and ended up with just a short vacation – and just pure relaxation, not any travel. When I read back in my blog, it actually saddens me a bit, that I didn’t do more exciting things in 2011. Other than the US travel, I have spent most of my time working. And of course it is fine to have a work. In the ongoing tough economic times in most parts of the western world, it is positive to still have a job. But it would have been even better, if I had had more adventures in leisure.

Maybe 2012 will be better.