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2012 in retrospect

Since I started this blog, each New Year I look back on the year gone by.

January came and went, without me having anything to write about.

In February we got ourselves some winter – and I got myself a surprise, when the company I worked for, told me and some of my colleagues that we would be transferred to another company within few months. None of us had seen this coming, so it was a bit of a chock.
I did however try to look at it from a positive viewpoint. After all, we weren’t fired, just transferred.
The last thing I wrote in February was that I could really use a hug. That is still the case.

March – not much to write about.

April – not much to say about that either.

May was the month, I – and the other transferred colleagues – started in the new company. Our job would be to work for the company that had ‘sold’ us, so besides the new work address, not much did change at this time.
May was also the month, I realized that I wanted to see all seven continents. Until this time, I had seen Europe, Asia and North America – and was about to go to Africa few months later. At this point I also got an offer of seeing yet two more continents, but that would not be until the year after (which is this year). More about that later – I hope.

June – well, the weather was nice, but other than that, I couldn’t find anything special to write about.

July came, and when it was finished, all I could show on my blog, was some pictures of animals.
A bumblebee, a cat and a pigeon.

In August I enjoyed the summer and I tried to write a blog post with feather and ink.

September was the month I visited South Africa (from late august to start of september) and saw some wild animals, I normally only see on TV or in Zoo.
This was also the month I finally put in writing that I felt something was wrong. I was so detached – so out of sync – that I had (and still have) – a hard time focusing on the world and people around me. This is something I will try to mend in the time to come.

I cannot say much about October. James Bond, the movie series, celebrated its 50th year anniversary. And I did spend a lot of time seeing all the movies, including the ones that wasn’t official part of the franchise.

November. Me kind of lost, as usual, but otherwise nothing to write about.

December was a bit more action filled; at least compared to November. The first snow came on the first of December.
My sister got married on the 12 of December.
And I sent an apology to all the people I have treated badly through the years. I did not address anyone in particular, but I really remember quite a few episodes, I am not proud of. And though it is less than likely all those people read my blog, I hope it will send some good vibrations in their directions.

That ended 2012.

The best wishes for 2013.