Monthly Archives: July 2005

Something about nothing

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote here. But it’s holyday season, and though I haven’t held my vacation yet, there isn’t much new to write about these days. Other than the fact, that I haven’t anything to write about that is.
Btw. There are now over 400 quotes in my collection. As always, they appear in the column to the right (or at the bottom, if you read this blog at your PDA). Be aware that reading the quotes might increase your wisdom dramatically – which can be troublesome, since some people don’t like a smartass. 😉

How low can they go?

I’ve heard that some greedy persons with absolutely no conscience sell imitations of the white and yellow wristband. The original white band is a symbol to end extreme poverty. The yellow band is sold to support the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
The cheating wristbands however only support the swindlers who try to sell them.
Never shop at places, where phoney wristbands are sold! Remember: when the shop has no trouble swindle with charity – they will not think twice to cheat you in any other way!


The white wristband:
The yellow wristband:


With the assistance of Albert Einstein, Isaac Asimov, Pythagoras, Piet Hein and many, many others, I have now reached 300 quotes in my collection, with more to come. Of course it should never be a question about quantity when collecting wise words. With so many people, saying so much over so many years, I could certainly have collected a much higher number, if that had been my primary intention.
As always, you can read the quotes in the column at your right (or further down the page, if you read this blog at a PDA or on a printout). If you want more than three quotes, then use your refresh-button.

(The ever-changing quotes are made possible with the fabulous weblog plug-in from Anders).

Super green? (Blog-design, mark II)

I’m not over my green period yet, but I have tried changing the design on my blog a bit. Before that it was just green: light green (the same as now) in the middle, and a darker green at the sides and top. With a small pattern at the side, and some seagulls at the top, it’s still green, but at least you have seagulls now – that’s something! 🙂

Drive carefully

Try to take it easy out there. Drive carefully. Be aware of the others around you. If you operate a vehicle: look out the panes – a lot of things happening just outside your car!
If only I could go back a few days, and tell all this to a certain nineteen year old girl, before she drove her car out on a road, at a place with short visibility. Maybe – just maybe, if she’d listened to me – she would have looked extra carefully and noticed an acquaintance of mine driving a motor cycle on that particular road. That might have prevented the collision, which almost took his life and ended paralyzing him.
Even if I had told her to be careful that day, she might just have told me to mind my own business, and still have gone out and wrecked another persons life.
Are you also going to tell me to mind my own business?


Should I write more often in my webblog?
Should I reconsider my choice in colour (maybe it’s just too green)?
Should I design a nice logo at the top of this blog?
Maybe, but not today – it’s just to warm to sit in front of my computer. I might look into it some other time. In the meantime, please comment, if you have an opinion of my design: is “content instead of appearance” the way to do it, or should I try to lift the appearance a bit?

Choose your world

What world would you prefer to live in?
Would you like a world in fear of cowards, killing innocent people with bombs?

If you want a better world, please don’t “vote” for terrorists. Don’t do what they want you to do! Don’t let them win!

Please, try to be the change you want to see in the world.

My thoughts and compassion are with the British people!

Internet addict

Yesterday evening I suddenly lost my connection to the internet. Apparently it wasn’t just me, but a lot of people in this part of the country. Luckily it came back later that night or sometime today – well, it works now, anyhow!
But sitting there, being of-line, I realized two things:
1. It’s pretty hard contacting my internet provider, when I can’t look at the website for at phone number.
2. It’s amazing – even frightening – how much I depend on an internet connection.

Today I have written the phone number down on paper, if it should happen again. And I’m still amazed; I was without internet for just a few hours, and yet it was enough to make me think of it as a problem.
Okay, I need the internet connection to do my work, but compared to people dying from hunger or earthquakes, my problems seems so small after all.


When you visit my weblog, and notice the dates, you might fall to the conclusion that not much is going on here. In a way, you’re right, but not entirely. I really like intelligent (or funny, if they are also intelligent) quotes. Therefore I do spend some time enlarging my collection of brilliant quotes. You can see the result in the right pane, where there now are three quotes; shifting each time you make a new visit (or use the refresh-function in your browser). You might experience the same quote listed twice, but with about 200 quotes (and with more to come), it won’t happen very often.