Monthly Archives: July 2008

Worrying status

As promised: A status on my quest to improve myself. If you find it particularly tedious to read about touchy feeling stuff, then Now would be a good time to stop reading!

In earlier blog posts (this and that), I told about one of the things, I wanted to change about myself: the ability to worry about things that never happens.

There are still times when I start to worry about things that haven’t happened yet. But mostly I am able to discover an upcoming worry and – more or less – nip it in the bud. 🙂 Often I go through entire days without starting to worry at all.

There is still room for improvement though. And I am still very good at panicking when things start to rumble. Something I really have to focus more on.

I’m back


Hi everybody – I’m back again.

I was here all the time – at least physically, I may have been out of my mind – but could just not find the time and spirit to write my blog.

Lately, I have spent time after work on preparing for a certification. I’m not finished, but I only lack one test, so I don’t feel the same pressure anymore. I have also spent some time (and money) on getting a new gas boiler. And though that could have been a very fine story about a broken water heater resulting in a short circuit, I simply didn’t have the mental strength to write about it.

But now I’m back to write more nonsense about The Weather, Me finding Myself, and a few notes about Clouds and Bees (okay, I may not have written about bees yet – but I might).