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They were the world

I just heard that it was 22 years ago today, the mother of all sing-to-help: “We are the world” was recorded! Every famous musician, and even more musicians not famous enough in their own mind, stood together and sang a song, that would once and for all eliminate hunger in Africa. It’s amazing that they were able to stuff all those artists into one room, because these big stars are like icebergs: you only see about 10% of them. The rest are their huge egos.
I think Prince (yes that was his name in those days) was one of the few musicians who weren’t interested in participating. I’m not sure if it was just to make a statement, or because he couldn’t be bothered with hunger in Africa, or because with a room full of artists and egos there simply just wasn’t room for one more – or because he thought it was a stupid idea that wouldn’t make any difference anyhow. I don’t know. But history now tells us, that it actually had very little – or no – lasting effect. People still die of hunger or war or aids in Africa!
But 22 years ago it really was something! In a way it was bigger than the recent MakePovertyHistory campaign. And it sure as hell is better to sing about the problems, than do what most people do: nothing!


There are two things, I usually don’t do: Travel and make long-term plans (i.e. more than a few months).
Well, okay, I do travel occasionally, and except for recent years I’ve also tried to make plans (that usually never turned out the way I planned it, so I stopped doing that).
But now it seems like I have decided to take another small trip out in the big world. This time I’m going east: to China.
It’s still much too soon to say more about it – it won’t be until august, so I should have plenty of time to get vaccinations and a visa – and a new suitcase – and enough money to pay for it all. 😉

Home Base photo #2

Home Base photo #2
Home Base photo #2
Home Base photo #2
Home Base photo #2

Both photos are taken near the spot, where I also took Home Base photo #1, mainly to show what it looks like in a more normal winter – which we have now. Few minutes after I took the photos, it began to snow again. But it seems like the snow is here on a short visit. Tomorrow it’ll all turn to water, and the precipitation will be in form of rain – and not snowfall.


Home Base photo #2
Winter Wonderland

Today we got the first snow this winter. Until now it has been very warm – for a Danish winter.
I think, the Danish Meteorological Institute is one of the oldest meteorological institutes in the world, and as long as they have measured the weather, there hasn’t been a winter this warm! We’ll get more snow, but with the relatively warm water surrounding the country, there’s not much chance of us getting a long and rough winter – luckily.

Very old stuff

I think its time to get cultural! Let us talk about ancient history for a while!

Ancient stuff

On this photo, you can see a piece of petrified wood from Madagascar of a 180 million year old “Monkey-puzzle” or Araucaria sp. On top of it, you’ll see a Coprolit (or, put in terms of a not so cultural connoisseur of ancient history: shit) from a small dinosaur (Theropoda) made sometime between 144 and 65 million years ago.

Isn’t history just fascinating? 😉

Home Base photo #1

I’ll try to take a photo now and then of places near my home, and send them out on this blog the same day. You’ll find all the Home Base messages under the category Home Base photos. (Yes, it can be that simple!)

Home Base photo #1

The first photo (called #1) is taken with a cell phone camera, on a January day (today, actually), with the sun almost directly in the lens (contre-jour). Though the motif isn’t far away from my house (can’t be seen on the photo), I seldom go there. There’s just a small road leading to nowhere – Well, if you walk for about an hour, and turn right each time you get the chance, you’ll end up where you started. But then again – for some people, that would be nowhere – for me it is home.

My detailed plan for 2007

Finally I have planned the entire 2007. So if you ask me questions like “What will you do with your life?” or “What are your traveling plans this year?” I now have the answer:
I have no clue whatsoever.

The job I have now will most likely still be my job in end of 2007 (I’m not planning to leave – they’ll have to throw me out). I’m probably also living the same place a year from now – probably. I might have some ideas of which direction to go, but other than that? Well, I don’t know. And I don’t mind that I don’t know.

I’m vague, and I’m proud of it! 🙂