Monthly Archives: March 2022

2021 in retrospect

Another year in the shadow of the Corona virus.
… And yet another year without the honeymoon, which my wife and I originally had planned back in 2019. Yet another year without travelling outside the borders of Denmark – well not quite.

In December 2021 we finally got the chance to go outside our own country for the first time in sooo long. Over some time, we had saved money to update our kitchen. Instead, we used that money to buy a trip by boat along the Norwegian coastline.

Right up to the travelling date, we did not know whether it would happen – or if Corona once again would block our dreams. But we did it. We got all papers and Covid-tests ready and was allowed access to Norway.

Fantastic trip from Bergen and all the way up to Kirkenes and back again. Hitting the absolute top of Norway on Christmas day! Wow!

We hope to finally get our honeymoon travel in 2022. By then it will be delayed by 3 years.

We also hope to get a more normal life and get out of the shadow of Covid. It has lasted long enough. (This text was written before the current situation in Europe).