Monthly Archives: June 2005

Backup or backlash?

I can see you’re sitting near a computer. Do you have important stuff on it? Do you have any idea, how fast your computer can loose ALL data? If you haven’t already made a copy of your most important data (and stored it somewhere safe), NOW might be a good time to get it done!

It’s actually to hot to sit here in front of my computer, writing these words.
So why am I doing it?
I’m a boring computer nerd – that’s why!

Good luck to all

Good luck charm - or just bad taste?

Somewhere on the Net (in America, naturally) you can buy this charmer, called “Purcival Pig” (!).
The maker doesn’t take anything for granted. The good luck is ensured with not one, not two, but with four (yes, 4) symbols:
A pig (where in the world is a pig a good luck symbol?), a horseshoe, Lydia Ladybug (I don’t know who or what that is either) and (of course) a 4-leaf clover (firmly attached to the pigs fat behind).

B.Y.O. (Brew Your Own)

I just got hold on a home brewing magazine! Yes, it’s American – in Denmark, we don’t have a whole magazine only about how to brew your own beer.
It looked interesting though. They had an article on how to copy some of the world’s most famous beers. And what’s more interesting: it didn’t look that difficult!
You might ask: “Well then, why don’t you start brewing your own beer, if you like that thought so much?” My reply would be: “Hmmm – I don’t know. Do you really thing I should?” Then (hopefully) you would say: “Yes, I really think you should!” I would then – hesitantly – say: “Okay, then – I’ll start to brew my own beer. But only because you said that!”

Don’t worry!

By working on my new private project: bring down the stress, I have now realized, where the stress comes from: myself! It’s not the stupid, demanding users. It’s not even the massive pile of problems, more than I can possible hope to catch up with.
Nope – it’s my view on these things! As soon as I started telling myself, I shouldn’t worry about things that hasn’t happened yet, it all seemed to lighten up a bit!
Worrying takes at lot of energy. If you stop worrying, you suddenly have some extra energy; you can spend on whatever you like.
My hint: don’t spend it on work – spend it on you and your family. That is more rewarding! 🙂

Do you like your job?

Are your job taking all your time – and keeping you from doing something you like to do? It’s pretty stupid spending all that time, if you’re not really loving what you do.
I definitely use too much time working, or thinking about work. The result is stress, which I now try to get rid of (or at least learn to handle), when I’m not working or thinking about work.
I must be really stupid! 🙁