Backup or backlash?

I can see you’re sitting near a computer. Do you have important stuff on it? Do you have any idea, how fast your computer can loose ALL data? If you haven’t already made a copy of your most important data (and stored it somewhere safe), NOW might be a good time to get it done!

1 thought on “Backup or backlash?

  1. Anders

    You would think that even people that makes a living of computers would remember such stuff, right?

    – well, most people would I hope. The sad part is that I’m not one of those people. Today my server blew it – mails, databases and webstuff for 6 domains and music, pictures, whatever are down the drain.

    “Don’t you have a backup”, you might ask?

    Sure I do! – but it’s quite old. Sure, I was planning to make a newer one, but you know. Those things rarely happen…. They did today.

    Without exaggerating I can say for sure that this day is the worst day this year. Crap!

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