Monthly Archives: June 2006

Eight legged pig?

Does anyone know, who made this absolutely fantastic eight legged pig based on Da Vincis famous “Vitruvian Man”? If you know the artist, please write a comment with the answer, or mail me. Thanks!


Ice, baby!

Because of my job change a couple of months ago, I haven’t been able to plan my summer holidays long time in advance. Also I’m a bit like some types of wine: I don’t travel easy – or more correctly: I like to travel, I just don’t do it very often.
Therefore everything pointed in the direction of a quiet vacation at home. Cheap, easy, stress less and somewhat boring.
I’m pretty predictable – except for the moments, when I’m not. So I have now changed my mind, which came as a bit of a surprise, at least for me. I have postponed some necessary and a lot of unnecessary money consuming stuff, such as food and clothes, and should now be able to see some other part of the world, than the place where I live. So now when the summer finally has arrived, I’m heading for a colder climate (go figure)!
Okay, the summer might almost be over when I go north – but still: most Danes seek the hot spots of the world, whenever they have the time and money.

Direction: North of the Arctic Circle!
Destination: Greenland.
Time: Some time late summer, when the climate – even in the Arctic region – shows some kind of positive temperatures.
Type: Relaxed.
Price: Too expensive for my taste, but if I don’t go now I may never have the opportunity (i.e. the money) again.

Hot stuff!

A few days ago, I wrote to tell, how certain I was, that my summer holiday would end up being kind of cold.
These days, it goes from “pretty warm” in the morning, to “damn hot” in the evening. If you’re living in Australia or Africa, a little over 30 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit or 303 Kelvin or 24 degree Reamur) might not be anything to talk about – but in this part of the world it is! Especially considering how cold it was not long ago. And of course: the moist climate doesn’t help either.
But still: it’s not even near my holiday yet! Yes, I actually have to work, while other people can sit somewhere outside, drinking beer – or sit indoor, watching soccer (and probably also drinking beer). So it could still be low temperatures at my days off. In fact, I’m rather sure it will be.

Soccer World Cup 06

Or should I write it: Sucker World Cup? (My English isn’t that good, you know).

World Cup 2006

From today, and the next month, the whole world (or at least part of it) is going soccer-manic. Millions of people are going to watch 22 men chasing a ball or the referee.
I think I might find something better to spend my time on. I don’t say that because the players at my country couldn’t play the game well enough to qualify for this event. Maybe I would have seen some of it, if they had participated, but not more than that.
However, that shouldn’t stop the rest of you soccer-fans out there to have an enjoyable time! 🙂


If you write Day, Month and Year with two digits; then no matter how you write it: day-month-year or month-day-year or year-month-day, it’ll look like this: 06-06-06.
Remove the 0’s, and -‘s, and you get the number 666. While most people probably see it as somewhat funny but also partly uninteresting, some religious people interpret it as a possible dangerous date, where anything nasty can happen.
Hopefully it will all turn out that the most eventful moment this day, was when the clock turned 06:06 at the date 06.06.06.

Just a few milestones

Two days ago, it was exactly 37 years since the Danish government decided to remove the prohibition against porn – as the first country in the world. Later that year I was born – but that’s just a coincidence, I think. 😉

Today I could have celebrated my 9th year at work. That is: if I hadn’t changed job two months ago. So all in all it was just another day at the office for me.