Hot stuff!

A few days ago, I wrote to tell, how certain I was, that my summer holiday would end up being kind of cold.
These days, it goes from “pretty warm” in the morning, to “damn hot” in the evening. If you’re living in Australia or Africa, a little over 30 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit or 303 Kelvin or 24 degree Reamur) might not be anything to talk about – but in this part of the world it is! Especially considering how cold it was not long ago. And of course: the moist climate doesn’t help either.
But still: it’s not even near my holiday yet! Yes, I actually have to work, while other people can sit somewhere outside, drinking beer – or sit indoor, watching soccer (and probably also drinking beer). So it could still be low temperatures at my days off. In fact, I’m rather sure it will be.