Soccer World Cup 06

Or should I write it: Sucker World Cup? (My English isn’t that good, you know).

World Cup 2006

From today, and the next month, the whole world (or at least part of it) is going soccer-manic. Millions of people are going to watch 22 men chasing a ball or the referee.
I think I might find something better to spend my time on. I don’t say that because the players at my country couldn’t play the game well enough to qualify for this event. Maybe I would have seen some of it, if they had participated, but not more than that.
However, that shouldn’t stop the rest of you soccer-fans out there to have an enjoyable time! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Soccer World Cup 06

  1. Baseman

    You’re right, of course. What could possibly be more fun, when it’s over 30 degree (Celsius) outside, than to sit indoor and watch some men playing with their balls?
    (Again: English isn’t my native tongue, so I don’t know what I’m writing!)

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