Monthly Archives: January 2021

2020 in retrospect

A new year has gone, without me writing anything in my blog. But I am still here.

In the beginning of 2020, my wife and I had huge plans to see more of the world this year.
Our honeymoon, which was canceled in 2019 due to the sudden decease of my mother, had been re-planned.
On top of this, we had bought ourselves a short vacation in Paris in the spring.

We ended up going nowhere, since Corona – Covid-19 – came and destroyed all our travelling plans.

In the fall, a water pipe suddenly broke and poured lots and lots of hot water into our apartment.
We managed to finally stop the water, so we can still live in the apartment, but not without some damage, which still hasn’t been corrected yet. The insurance company has luckily said yes to pay for most of the damage, but apparently it can take a very long time to get someone to fix things.

Well, that was what 2020 was all about. Let us hope, 2021 will be better.