Monthly Archives: May 2009


A close acquaintance of mine has had a very bad week. For some time he has suffered from blood clots in his leg, for which he has taken medicine and made frequent visits at the hospital. There was not much progress, but we had no doubt that it was going to be all right soon. But it did not.

Approximately a week ago, it suddenly got worse. He got to the closest hospital, and got transferred to another hospital, because the blood circulation in the leg had stopped. Sadly they had to amputate part of the leg. Blood tests haven’t shown more clots, but it seems to be a hereditary weakness in his family, so it may be too soon to think everything is all right. Needless to say, this came as a shock to him (and everyone else).

I try to help as much as I can. But I feel I could do more, if I just knew what to do. I do not know what to do or say, that can make a difference in this situation. Mostly I try to help his cohabitant looking after their house, so they can spend time together at the hospital, without having to worry too much about things that don’t matter.