Monthly Archives: April 2008


Today it is 100 years ago, women was given the right to vote in Denmark (at first in local elections, with full voting rights a few years later).

I just thought you would like to know. 🙂

Heading for perfection

I really hope this doesn’t sound like mindless nonsense!

I’m a perfectionist! You may think I’m bragging, but think again: When it is impossible to reach perfection, and you try anyway, you are going to lose every time!

When I stopped worrying so much, I could cut down on my chase for perfection. I don’t know if those two things have anything to do with each other, or if it’s just open season for hunting down all inner demons. But I have been little reluctant to let the perfection-demon go. Not because I like to spend more time than necessary, making tings better than they have to be; but because letting go completely could result in me not even try to make the things almost perfect.

I know nothing is absolutely perfect. In fact, it is so hard to be perfect, that only two people in the whole wide world are practically perfect: Mary Poppins and a girl in Australia – and Mary Poppins isn’t even real.

Today I came to think of a way to put down the demon and still aim for perfection – and thereby not being disappointed when things don’t turn out to be perfect. You may already have realized the true nature of perfection long time ago, but sometimes I’m a little slow. I came to think that perfection is like the horizon: You can see it. You can try to walk towards it. But you can never reach it.

It’s the same with perfect happiness.

The point – I guess – is to aim for perfection and be happy each time you manage to take a step in that direction. You will never reach it, but if you know the way to go, you will never get lost.