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Where the h… is Matt?

Do you know Matt? Matt likes to dance. Though he may not be the best dancer in the world, he quit his job to dance around the world. And what a fantastic idea this is.
I do envy him – not for his dancing ability, but for all the places he has danced.


08.08.08 08:08

This is the fourth time, I am writing about dates many people find special (history: 2007, 2006, 2005). Some people choose to get married at this date – either because they think it might guarantee good luck, or just because it might be a little easier to remember the date in the future.

In 1988 I decided to buy a Kenwood cd-player on August 8. I am not especially superstitious, but since money wasn’t something I had a lot of at that time, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to seek some luck. At least it would not diminish the chances for the player to last longer. As it happened, I didn’t buy it until later that month, but there seems to have been a little luck left, since I still have that player (even the batteries in the remote control are the ones that came with the player all those years ago). 🙂

This date is particular special in China, with 8 being considered a lucky number. And with the Olympic Games starting today in Beijing, a little luck could probably be useful.


I surround myself with pictures that look exactly like the real world.
But if the art should look like life, it would have to be nonfigurative.