Today it is 60 years ago the World War II ended in Denmark. In some countries it took a bit longer.
In Denmark the message that the Nazi’s had capitulated, came in the evening on May 4, and in most parts of the country the war ended right there – or the next day, when the message had reached everyone.

The German armed forces surrender unconditionally on May 7 in Reims, France. And the next day Germany signs its unconditional surrender in Berlin.

May 8 is the official “Victory in Europe” day.

If you’re interested, you can read much more about it here: http://www6.dw-world.de/en/worldwarII.php

2 thoughts on “05-05-05

  1. Baseman

    It has been said, that “its fine, the Germans didn’t win the war, ’cause then we would all have to speak German now”. That is – off course – nonsense. Don’t get me wrong: I’m happy, that the Nazi’s didn’t win the war, but I really don’t think, the Danish language had died, if that had happened.
    But I must admit I’m glad I don’t have to speak that language. Last time I visited Germany, I tried to talk German. It wasn’t exactly a catastrophe, but I hadn’t thought about the consequences: Germans talking back to me in German. That wasn’t a success. From that moment on, all communication was in English! 🙂

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