Monthly Archives: December 2019

2019 in retrospect

I haven’t written much here in the last months. That does not mean, nothing has happened. Quite the opposite.

The major things that happened in 2019 actually began in 2018, so I will start there.

In the summer of 2018, I asked Nina if she wanted to marry me – which she luckily did. Almost a year later, in the beginning of summer 2019, we got married in beautiful weather, under a large tree. It was so romantic.

In the fall of 2018, my father suddenly died. My mother and father got divorced when I was tree years old, and I haven’t had much contact with my father since then. It was still a shock.
In the process of planning the funeral, I did get in touch with my fathers’ side of the family. A bunch of really fantastic cousins, I had lost contact with.

Shortly after my father died, my grandmother (om my mothers’ side) got ill. She had just held her 102 years birthday in fine style, but now her health deteriorated fast. She always recognized Nina and I, but I don’t think she ever realized Christmas came and went.

In February 2019, my grandmother passed away.

Nina and I got married in June 2019 in company of many friends and family, including my mother, who had been ill for some time, but seemed to have gotten better. She attended the party to very late in the evening. The next morning, she got ill. The home care had found her non responsive and called an ambulance. She died on the way to the hospital.

We had to cancel the planned honeymoon and use our planned holiday instead to handle the funeral and all the paper work. This was so hard.

Today I can look back at a year with extreme ups and downs. But I am also able to finally look back at the wedding and remember how fantastic it was. Nina has been a tremendous help to me all way through the tough parts and I love her so much.

We are now planning a new honeymoon in summer 2020.

What a year.

Happy New Year to all of you!