08.08.08 08:08

This is the fourth time, I am writing about dates many people find special (history: 2007, 2006, 2005). Some people choose to get married at this date – either because they think it might guarantee good luck, or just because it might be a little easier to remember the date in the future.

In 1988 I decided to buy a Kenwood cd-player on August 8. I am not especially superstitious, but since money wasn’t something I had a lot of at that time, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to seek some luck. At least it would not diminish the chances for the player to last longer. As it happened, I didn’t buy it until later that month, but there seems to have been a little luck left, since I still have that player (even the batteries in the remote control are the ones that came with the player all those years ago). 🙂

This date is particular special in China, with 8 being considered a lucky number. And with the Olympic Games starting today in Beijing, a little luck could probably be useful.