B.Y.O. (Brew Your Own)

I just got hold on a home brewing magazine! Yes, it’s American – in Denmark, we don’t have a whole magazine only about how to brew your own beer.
It looked interesting though. They had an article on how to copy some of the world’s most famous beers. And what’s more interesting: it didn’t look that difficult!
You might ask: “Well then, why don’t you start brewing your own beer, if you like that thought so much?” My reply would be: “Hmmm – I don’t know. Do you really thing I should?” Then (hopefully) you would say: “Yes, I really think you should!” I would then – hesitantly – say: “Okay, then – I’ll start to brew my own beer. But only because you said that!”

5 thoughts on “B.Y.O. (Brew Your Own)

  1. Baseman

    Patience, my friend … I have just decided to begin my new life as a brewer. Now I need to find an easy way to get started.
    But who knows – there might be an BaseBlog-beer somewhere in the future.

  2. Baseman

    Havent’t started the new life as a brewer yet … still like to, but with all the beer allready on market, it may be a while before I decide to be more than just a beer-user. 🙂

    Update: I’m actually begun to brew beer myself. But it was not until 2009.

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