Do you like your job?

Are your job taking all your time – and keeping you from doing something you like to do? It’s pretty stupid spending all that time, if you’re not really loving what you do.
I definitely use too much time working, or thinking about work. The result is stress, which I now try to get rid of (or at least learn to handle), when I’m not working or thinking about work.
I must be really stupid! 🙁

2 thoughts on “Do you like your job?

  1. Anders

    Yep, I know how you feel – but at least you’re getting a decent paycheck every month, you can spend on beers and pr0n…

    Makes you go all tingly inside, doesn’t it? Now all of a sudden, it aint so bad, huh? 😀

  2. Baseman

    Your right off course, I earn the big cash keeping the systems running.
    But I don’t need to drive the long way to the office to surf pr0n – that I can do at home (if only they still would send me the pay check). 😉

    But fun aside: I sometimes think, I could be more happy, if I could spend more time doing the stuff I like, and less time with people asking me to deliver 200%, and then grumble, because I could only deliver 150% (and maybe even died by stress while trying).

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