They were the world

I just heard that it was 22 years ago today, the mother of all sing-to-help: “We are the world” was recorded! Every famous musician, and even more musicians not famous enough in their own mind, stood together and sang a song, that would once and for all eliminate hunger in Africa. It’s amazing that they were able to stuff all those artists into one room, because these big stars are like icebergs: you only see about 10% of them. The rest are their huge egos.
I think Prince (yes that was his name in those days) was one of the few musicians who weren’t interested in participating. I’m not sure if it was just to make a statement, or because he couldn’t be bothered with hunger in Africa, or because with a room full of artists and egos there simply just wasn’t room for one more – or because he thought it was a stupid idea that wouldn’t make any difference anyhow. I don’t know. But history now tells us, that it actually had very little – or no – lasting effect. People still die of hunger or war or aids in Africa!
But 22 years ago it really was something! In a way it was bigger than the recent MakePovertyHistory campaign. And it sure as hell is better to sing about the problems, than do what most people do: nothing!