Home Base photo #1

I’ll try to take a photo now and then of places near my home, and send them out on this blog the same day. You’ll find all the Home Base messages under the category Home Base photos. (Yes, it can be that simple!)

Home Base photo #1

The first photo (called #1) is taken with a cell phone camera, on a January day (today, actually), with the sun almost directly in the lens (contre-jour). Though the motif isn’t far away from my house (can’t be seen on the photo), I seldom go there. There’s just a small road leading to nowhere – Well, if you walk for about an hour, and turn right each time you get the chance, you’ll end up where you started. But then again – for some people, that would be nowhere – for me it is home.

5 thoughts on “Home Base photo #1

  1. Baseman

    I hope to be able to deliver photos in better quality in the following home base messages.
    I really like the place I live. I hope it’s possible to see why. 🙂

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