Internet addict

Yesterday evening I suddenly lost my connection to the internet. Apparently it wasn’t just me, but a lot of people in this part of the country. Luckily it came back later that night or sometime today – well, it works now, anyhow!
But sitting there, being of-line, I realized two things:
1. It’s pretty hard contacting my internet provider, when I can’t look at the website for at phone number.
2. It’s amazing – even frightening – how much I depend on an internet connection.

Today I have written the phone number down on paper, if it should happen again. And I’m still amazed; I was without internet for just a few hours, and yet it was enough to make me think of it as a problem.
Okay, I need the internet connection to do my work, but compared to people dying from hunger or earthquakes, my problems seems so small after all.

2 thoughts on “Internet addict

  1. Anders

    Come on – think of me?! I’ve been without email and domains for several days – and I’ve lost all my data on my server due to a stupid crash…

    Stop complaining, just because there’s a few hours you can’t download pr0n 😉

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