10 states in 14 days

As written earlier, a friend and I had planned a trip to Japan, which got cancelled because of all the problems there.

Because we already had planned our vacation, we had to fill out the days with something. So we decided to fly to USA instead, spend a few days in Washington DC and then rent a car and drive along the east coast to New Orleans.

I have just returned from that trip. I suffer from serious jetlag. Though it is just past noon, my head still thinks it is in the middle of the night.

In two weeks, we have been in ten of the United States – or nine (I’m not sure if we crossed the line between Washington DC and Maryland):

Washington DC. The capital of the US – with lots of museums, governmental buildings, monuments and Georgetown.

Outer Banks. A string of narrow barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina.

Wilmington (NC), which has become a major center of American film and television production – famous for being the location of Dawson’s Creek.

Charleston and Savannah, some of the central cities in the old south.

And New Orleans – not like the other places we saw. A lot is happening in Bourbon Street, in The French Quarter. And they also play a lot of music there. 😉