In sync

I haven’t written for some time, mostly because I haven’t had anything to write about – which I find to be an adequate reason.

I have had a feeling of not being entirely “in synchronization” with the rest of the world. It is hard to describe the feeling, so I haven’t written about it. I had some trouble figuring out, how to get in sync – and if I really wanted to. Lately I have become more in sync again. I don’t think I have done something to get there, it just happened.

I still need some kind of Life Manual, because half the time, I feel a little lost when it comes to do the things, other people are expecting me to do (the rest of the time, I am totally lost). But that is not new. I have lived all my life, without any concept of how to behave. As I understand these things, this is just the definition of being a guy, so I probably don’t need to worry. 😉