On TV, Experts are always ready to make a clever comment on the subjects they know a lot about. But where do they come from? And how did they become Experts?
I believe Experts are living among us, looking like ordinary (boring) people. Then suddenly, when they hear a conversation between two really ordinary people (R.O.P), about a subject they know a lot about, they use their special Expert-power to tell the truth about that subject to the R.O.P.
The title “Expert” is handed to them by journalists or R.O.P. – or: by themselves (being an Expert entitles them to reword themselves the title).
Before my trip to China, I used the knowledge from the all-knowing Experts to tell me what I would get to see in China. Often they told me that, without me asking first – because it is very difficult to spot a China-Expert in a group of R.O.P.
After my little China-trip, I’ve got the feeling, that maybe the Experts were just R.O.P. trying to sound like Experts? Most of the Experts had not been to China themselves – and the picture they painted of China didn’t look much like the China I got to see.
With Experts looking so much like R.O.P. – then how can you tell the difference? Maybe there are no real Experts – only real R.O.P. out there? And maybe the Experts on TV are just R.O.P. playing Experts?