Human made catastrophe?

Today, four years has gone since the terrorist attack on World Trade Center. In my mind, that day marked the beginning of a new age of madness. Off course I’m wrong thinking that. The world was already mad.
It seems like we’re experiencing a lot of disasters these years. Terrorist attacks all over the world, flooding in Asia and recently New Orleans, drought in other parts of the world, forest fires, earthquakes and so on. Not to mention war.
There seem to be (at least) two reasons for all the catastrophes we hear about:
1: The news travel faster and longer. Millions of people have been killed in disasters throughout history, the rest of the world just didn’t hear about it then.
2: Every time we hear about a major flooding or forest fire, we also hear that the reason the natural disaster has grown so big is because we humans has removed some of natures own protection against these disasters. And that more of us choose to live close to the sea or areas with frequent earthquakes, or both (San Francisco). Thereby changing what could have been “just” a major inconvenience to these huge proportions.

My thoughts are with the families to the victims September 11, the people of New Orleans, the affected people of the forest fire in Portugal, the innocent victims of war in Iraq, Chechnya and several countries in Africa, the earthquakes in Turkey, the flooding in Asia, the casualties of traffic, and all the other people, who should have lived long and happy, but didn’t.