A lot of quotes

When I started this blog almost a year ago, I also got the chance of adding more dynamic content to my website. One of those dynamic things was a small plug-in to show a random piece of text for each new visit or reload at the web page. Being somewhat fond of quotations, I found this plug-in to be just what I needed to place a random quote on this blog. Only quotes that are clever, intelligent, funny or otherwise thought provoking are able to find a place here – so for each quote I use, there may be 20 I haven’t found adequate. And yet I have now reached 1000 quotes in my collection. As always: if you want to read some of the quotes, you can find it at the column in the right side of this blog (or at the bottom, if you read this blog on a PDA or phone with internet access). If you don’t fancy quotations, then keep your eyes attached to the blog posts instead. 😉