Somewhere between yesterday and today, we had to turn the clock one hour forward because of a lousy invention called summer time – or Daylight savings time. I think it was Hitler who thought of the idea first, so when everybody had forgotten about him invading other countries, killing a lot of people, and persuading Ferdinand Porsche to build the Volkswagen Beetle, there would still be something we could hate him for!

Okay, I know the idea is older than Hitler, but that doesn’t make me like the idea any better!

The official reason for doing this is to be able to work when the sun is up – to be more productive. Of course this is pure nonsense and one would have to be a little stupid to believe this. First: if we really should be following the sun, then it’s not nearly enough to switch time two times a year. Second: a lot of people gets disruption in their sleep patterns because of this, and actually gets less productive.