My water just broke!

Catchy title, isn’t it? But no: I don’t have the necessary gender to be pregnant. 😉 It’s the water that used to run inside a water pipe, I’m referring to. I came home to discover an indoor sprinkler. Nice! 

Luckily it’s on a floor that can cope with a little water.

4 thoughts on “My water just broke!

  1. Anders

    Lucky you – you weren’t exactly as lucky as me 🙁

    No damage happened? Still, remember to tell your insurance about it – if anything happens in 4 years that can be jus tremotely related to this incident, you wanna have a record of it!

  2. Baseman

    Luckily it seems like there’s been no damage. Just some wasted water – and the expense of getting a craftsman to replace the leaky pipe.
    I didn’t know that about the insurance.

  3. Anders

    Well, then hurry and make sure that they’ve noted your request (and get a confirmation that they did).

    And no it *seems* as if there’s been no damage, but you can’t really be 100% sure, can you?

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