Snow – and the name of a prince

Though many “non-Danes” might imagine Denmark as a snowy country, the surrounding oceans tend to keep a mild climate. But yesterday (starting the evening, the day before) we got a sound beating from the sky: snow and ice.
My way home yesterday: I found my car on the parking lot, literally covered with a thick layer of ice! After a while I managed to get a clear view, and could start my journey. First to see a friend and a movie, and then – later on: home. On my way home, I discovered how difficult it is to drive up a steep hill, when the road is covered with snow and ice. But luckily I managed to get home in one piece.

Today I woke up to discover that Danish TV have just one story to tell: the christening of our future king. Up until the moment, when the vicar told the name, it had been a secret. Congratulations to the parents and to the central figure at the event: Christian Valdemar Henri John (he’s royal, so no surname).

2 thoughts on “Snow – and the name of a prince

  1. Rosanna

    Congratulations to the proud parents 🙂

    As an Australian, I am very much looking forward to travelling to Denmark in October. I think of it as being rather cold too – thankyou for the clarification.

  2. Baseman

    Hi Rosanna
    In October you won’t find any snow in Denmark (it could happen, but that’s very rare). But you still might find it a bit chilly compared with Australia. In October it’s usually about 10 degree Celsius here.
    I hope you’ll enjoy your stay! 🙂

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