Summer vacation 2010

I do not write nearly as often as I should – or at least as I want to. The main reason for not writing is that I have so little to write about.

Also I have been on vacation without access to the Internet (I work with computers, so I actually like not having on-line access when I am travelling). This time I went on a trip to USA. I have never been there before, so I chose a trip with a guide who could tell me where to go and what to see. I saw Washington and New York – and everything was fantastic. The security checks everywhere takes a lot of time, but better safe than sorry. I saw the many checks as a part of the wonders of U.S. and therefor did not get all too bothered about them.

Someone might argue that Americans can be a bit superficial, with all the “How are you?” without expecting any answer, other than maybe a “How are you?” in return. But I actually liked it. We Danes might be just as nice to talk to and to be with, but the first impression is probably that we seem cold and distanced.

3 thoughts on “Summer vacation 2010

  1. Baseman

    Hi Rosanna. Thanks! I am somewhat limited to image size, but I hope that it managed to show Manhattan. I’m really glad to hear that you’re back in blog world. Your words have been missing!

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