2010 in retrospect

Another year has gone, and once more it is time to look back. In my case: To look at the things I have written about in 2010.
I have not been busy, writing in 2010, so the retrospect is easy done.

2010 started with snow, and ended with snow. Throughout January, snow and cold weather was all I could write about.

By the start of February, I was really, really tired of snow. But still it came from above.
In February, I got another thing to write about: Finding my car on a train station, without license plates. Someone apparently wanted to drive in his car without paying the taxes, so he pinched my license plates instead of buying some. He was discovered few days later, but by then, I had bought new license plates for my car.

March came – and so did spring at last.

I did write some blog posts in April, but nothing noticeable.

In May, the winter was just a distant memory. Instead we got massive rain.

In June, it was summer in Denmark, finally. The kind of summer, where you can take ”postcard like” photos.

July was very hot! It was so hot, that I could not write about anything else.

August was a more normal Danish summer: Sun and rain. But still abnormal, because when it rained, it really poured down, and when the sun shined, it was so stunningly fantastic. No ordinary grey days, as I recall.

In September, I could write a few words about my trip to USA, where I went in the last days of August and beginning of September. It was my first trip to USA. I saw Washington, New York and a lot of security.

October came and went, with me just noticing the special date 10.10.10.

November had two events, I could write about. First I went on a small trip to the capital city of Germany: Berlin, where I had a fine time; though a bit cold and rainy.
Later the second event came: Snow! In winter time, we do get snow and cold weather in Denmark, but seldom so early.

December came; and with it, more snow and very cold weather.

That was it!