Practical Colours

I haven’t told why I use these colours on my website – the light bluish background, and the darker greenish colours surrounding it. It isn’t because I like these colours more than anything in the whole wide world. I think they look kind of nice, but I could probably find a lot of colours I would think was nicer to look at – but not necessarily as text background.

I have once read that your eyes are less likely to get tired, if you read text printed on light blue paper. It doesn’t reflect as much light as white paper but is still light enough to make the letters distinct, and somehow this colour should be the best choice.

I don’t know if the same conclusion can be used on computer screens – but that hasn’t stopped me from trying. In an effort to make the Blog easy and eye-saving to read, I have used this background colour and, to reduce light, an even darker colour on the sides.

Your health is my concern. 😉