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Tourist in Denmark?

At the moment it is summer in Denmark. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and everything looks green and fantastic. But when are the best times to visit Denmark?

If you are looking for sun most of the day and maybe to take a dive from the long coastline, then August is the best month to visit Denmark. At times it can be almost unbearably warm, because of the moist heat. But mostly it is just fantastic. July and September can be equally nice – and so can June and October, but they can be a bit cold and a lot rainy too.

Springtime, April and May, and fall, September and October, can be breathtakingly beautiful. But it can also be chilly and rainy.

If you live in one of the really warm places on Earth, you might think of Denmark as a very cold place to visit, even in midsummer. But the sun is far easier to find than snow. It can snow anytime between November and April, but normally we do not see snow until late December or early January – and it is often gone by March. Some winters we get almost no snow at all.

It can be dark in November and January. But all the Christmas lights throughout December scare the darkness away for a while.

What about the Danes? Well, most of us are actually quite nice. We do tend to be a bit reserved, which might give the impression of us being in bad humor and not willing to assist if you need to ask for directions or have your photo taken in front of something worth a photo. But mostly it is just a very thin layer of Viking coolness that can be easily broken. 🙂

A trip to the South

Why did I put a penguin on my blog February 7th? It was a hint that I might tell about penguins later. And here it comes: I have just arrived from a spectacular trip to the land of the penguins: Antarctica!

It has been a dream for as long as I remember. But a lot of things – not least economy – have made it an impossible dream. But suddenly there was an option to do the trip, and I immediately went all in.

So for a little over two weeks, I have travelled to Argentina, where a ship has brought me over the Drake Passage to the cold but beautiful continent Antarctica.

I have seen a lot of penguins and sailed round icebergs in a Zodiac boat. I have seen seals and got a close encounter with whales.

It has all been so fantastic. Even though I am not made for a life on sea; I get seasick very easily. 😉

Round the Globe?

I really like to travel. I like to see new places. I love when I see cities in movies I have visited, myself. But I haven’t travelled that much. For the most part of my life, I haven’t gone far from home. It is just a few years ago I went outside the part of the World I live in (Europe) to see parts of Asia and North America.

I don’t have the time or money to see every country in the World. But I have now decided that I will try to reach every one of the seven continents on this Globe. Up until now I have been in three of them. Hopefully I will have visited three more within a year from now. At that time – if everything goes as planned – I may be planning a trip to the one remaining part of this World, I still haven’t seen.

… At least that is the plan.

Two stupid inventions

Nuclear power plants
It is now one year since a tsunami hit the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, causing loss of lots of lives and making a very large area hazardous to live in.

Daylight saving time
No one really have any use for that. It is just stupid.

I am sorry to say this, but humans must be really, really stupid, inventing such things!

Ten years after

Ten years ago: I was driving home from work. I had not listened to radio or seen TV all day, and had not been in contact with people who had.

My car radio was my first source of world news – and what news it could bring me!

My day at work often ended at a time when the radio station I normally listened to, aired some program for kids. They often excelled in really bad sense of humor. So when I first heard the terrible news, it was so extreme, I thought it was some very stupid jokes from a very stupid person in a very stupid radio program.

But it wasn’t.

It was very real.



10 states in 14 days

As written earlier, a friend and I had planned a trip to Japan, which got cancelled because of all the problems there.

Because we already had planned our vacation, we had to fill out the days with something. So we decided to fly to USA instead, spend a few days in Washington DC and then rent a car and drive along the east coast to New Orleans.

I have just returned from that trip. I suffer from serious jetlag. Though it is just past noon, my head still thinks it is in the middle of the night.

In two weeks, we have been in ten of the United States – or nine (I’m not sure if we crossed the line between Washington DC and Maryland):

Washington DC. The capital of the US – with lots of museums, governmental buildings, monuments and Georgetown.

Outer Banks. A string of narrow barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina.

Wilmington (NC), which has become a major center of American film and television production – famous for being the location of Dawson’s Creek.

Charleston and Savannah, some of the central cities in the old south.

And New Orleans – not like the other places we saw. A lot is happening in Bourbon Street, in The French Quarter. And they also play a lot of music there. 😉

Canceled visit to troubled land

For quite a long time, I have wanted to visit a specific place in Asia. Even back in time, when such travels were out of my reach, I wished to see it.

Then, in the beginning this year, it was suddenly possible for me to make such journey. I had the time and opportunity, so I went for it.

Together with a friend, we bought two tickets for an exciting trip to Japan, and we both looked forward to see Osaka, Tokyo and other large and small cities in Japan. Not to mention the possibility to experience thousands of blooming cherry trees.

You may already have guessed it: Just before our departure, Japan was hit by the “once a millennium” earthquake, followed by a massive tsunami … And something that, at the time of writing, looks like a serious risk of a nuclear disaster.

Though I have missed an opportunity to visit the country, I so long have wanted to visit, there’s another reason for me being sad at the moment: The thought of the Japanese people, struggling with all those problems; with even more problems ahead, if they don’t solve the trouble at the nuclear plants.

I wish all the best for Japan!