A trip to the South

Why did I put a penguin on my blog February 7th? It was a hint that I might tell about penguins later. And here it comes: I have just arrived from a spectacular trip to the land of the penguins: Antarctica!

It has been a dream for as long as I remember. But a lot of things – not least economy – have made it an impossible dream. But suddenly there was an option to do the trip, and I immediately went all in.

So for a little over two weeks, I have travelled to Argentina, where a ship has brought me over the Drake Passage to the cold but beautiful continent Antarctica.

I have seen a lot of penguins and sailed round icebergs in a Zodiac boat. I have seen seals and got a close encounter with whales.

It has all been so fantastic. Even though I am not made for a life on sea; I get seasick very easily. 😉