2014 in retrospect

Yet another year has gone, and it is time to look back – for a short moment, before I once again watch where I am going and not where I have been.

Once again, I could have lost my job! At the end of 2013, the company I work for made a mass dismissal. Then one more in august this year. I am still there.

However, let me start with the beginning of 2014.

We got a mild winter in Denmark. Not much snow and not that cold. Up until now, Global Warming has been good to us. Off course, this is just the beginning – when temperatures go further up, we will start to see some of the bad effects too.
After a tiny bit of snow in January and February, the spring came in March.

I have been on a long quest for something. What that something is, I have not quite been able to say, other than a change of direction. In April, I began to put it into one word: Serenity. Next step: How do I obtain that?

In April and May, things did change for me. For some years, I have been the owner of a house, which my grandparents originally bought before Second World War. But right there, in the spring of 2014, it just got too much for me. I talked to my grandmother, who is still among us and now live in a retirement home, what she would say if I sold the house and moved on.
She said I should just do it.

In May 2014, the house got on the market.
It probably did help selling the house, that the summer in 2014 was long and fantastic. Lowering the price also helped.

Before the house was sold, I went on a vacation: Two weeks in Canada, where I saw Vancouver and together with a friend of mine, drove round the roads in British Columbia in a rental car.
While I was still there, I got a message from the real-estate agent, that the house was sold.

I was back in Denmark August 31. On September 1, I started in a new department at the firm.
Some stressful months came, where I both had to get in place at my job, doing new tasks together with new colleagues – while I got an apartment, moved all my stuff, and handled the last part of real estate matters.

In November, the house was no longer mine. It has been a nice place to live. Nice house, good neighbors, but it was also a relief to get rid of mortgage and the speculations whenever something on the house needed to get fixed.
Besides the trip to Canada and a short notice that I moved, I did not write much about this. Looking back, it has gone so fast; but while I was in the middle of it all, it was just too hard to tell, if it would lead anywhere.

Where will it all lead? Where am I going from here? What will happen now? I do not know.
I will try to pick a direction that will get me somewhere nice.