Global warming

As I’ve mentioned before: my trip to Greenland was fantastic! Fantastic country, fantastic people and a lot of ice. But it was also an eye-opener for me! Like everybody else, I’ve heard a lot about the global warming, but until now, I thought it was something that would happen some years in the future. But in Greenland, this future is now! A place near the town Kangerlussuaq, where you could drive right out on the ice cap 5 years ago, you now have to climb down a steep slope and walk a bit before you come to the ice.
Also the Kangia icefjord, near the town Ilulissat (a UNESCO World Heritage Site in western Greenland) shows signs of an accelerating global warming these years, with the fast decrease of the glacier in the bottom of the icefjord.
While I was in Ilulissat, Republican US Senator John McCain visited the place in connection with a climate debate. It was a new attempt to get the Americans to wake up and think about environmental issues and maybe even ratify the Kyoto Protocol. One can only hope!

2 thoughts on “Global warming

  1. Степан

    Даа… Пока это у нас не очень сильно развито, так что придётся чуть подождать.

  2. Baseman

    According to, the mail from Степан (Stepan) says: “Yes … While we are not very developed, so it will have to wait a bit.”

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