I have to go offline for a while. I’m changing internet provider, and something went terrible wrong: my old provider cuts the line in short time, but I still don’t know when my new connection is up and running.

2 thoughts on “Offline

  1. Anders

    Damn – that’s crap. I went through that and had to be without Internet for more than a month. Yup, you read it – it was crazy!

    Luckily for you it’s a wonderful weather at the moment… If you’re bored, come paint my house 😉

  2. Baseman

    You’re right! It’s crap! … It didn’t take a month, but damn close.
    Next time I think I’ll pay for the Internet connection myself, so I don’t have to go offline each time, I switch job! 😉
    (If you read this, Chief, I was just kidding!)

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