What a perfect day

A few days ago, the radio station I was listening to while driving home, played Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” in a version with lots of different persons, singing few words each.
I believe I’ve heard it before, but haven’t really noticed it then. Marvellous.
Yesterday I tried to find the song on the net. Either as a (legal) download, or on CD.
In my search, I discovered that this special recording was made for the BBC Children In Need Charity in 1997 (the original, by Lou Reed, is from 1972 I think).
Interesting enough, I haven’t been able to find the record anywhere (yes, I have looked at the BBC Shop, but they don’t have it – so much for the charity).
Until I find it (haven’t stopped looking), I just have to sing it myself. I can’t sing, so it doesn’t sound good.

Just a perfect day, drink sangria in the park. And then later, when it gets dark. We go home.

Update, November 24, 2005: I found it! 🙂