The Mailbox Announcer

If you see a Wireless Mailbox Announcer from the company Allux, and think it might be nice to avoid futile trips to the letter box: Do not buy it! This is the worst piece of crap!

New rules on how to place the letter box has forced me to move my letter box. Not being able to see the box from where I live, have made me buy a Wireless Mailbox Announcer. A transmitter is mounted in the letter box, sending a signal to a receiver when the letter flap moves; thereby giving me a warning, when the mail is delivered.

That part worked fine: the receiver really did announce, when I got new mail. But it was impossible to turn off the damn thing!

Pressing the ridiculously small button that should turn the alarm off did not manage to do that. And pressing the button for an extended period only turned the alarm signal from bad to worse.

At that time, all my patience was used, and I threw the damn thing in the ground, with small pieces of plastic shattered all over.

So if you see a “Wireless Mailbox Announcer Kit” from Allux by Juliana, don’t buy it!

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