Power for 17 years and counting

These days it’s 17 years ago, I bought my first Compact Disc player, a Kenwood DP-660SG. The CD format was still very young, but there was no doubt, it was a winner (and so it was).

Kenwood DP-660SG

Now, 17 years later, I still have that CD player! It still works like a charm, so I haven’t had a reason to replace it. That’s quite something, I guess – but what’s more impressive: I never even had to replace the batteries in the remote control! Yes – the batteries in my remote control are now 17 years old – and they are still functioning! That’s amazing.

2 thoughts on “Power for 17 years and counting

  1. Anders

    You know what? I don’t believe you… There you have it – I believe you’re a liar!

    Well, infact I think you’re just too old to remember that you changed the batteries last year… 😉

  2. Baseman

    Its’ not nice to make fun of an old man! 🙂
    But I really don’t lie! The batteries came with the cd player – and the are a type probably only sold in Japan!

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