Big blog, small talk

Looking at this blog, you may notice two things:
–  I do not write daily … well sometimes I do, but mostly I do not.
–  Lots of words in this blog are in some way or another just small talk.

Reading this blog post may give you the idea that this is just another bunch of small talk, leading absolutely nowhere. You might get the feeling that this is just a waste of time. Not just any time. No, a waste of YOUR time! That might make you sour or angry: Who the f… does this blogger think he is – writing a lot of meaningless words, stealing valuable time from you?

But what if the time you spend reading these words are not wasted? What if these seconds are some of the best spend seconds in a very long time?

Could this – or this – word be the one that makes you realize, that the thing you spend most of your time doing, is actually the biggest waste of your time?